Streams Common API Reference

Table of Contents
php_stream_stat_path -- Gets the status for a file or URL
php_stream_stat -- Gets the status for the underlying storage associated with a stream
php_stream_open_wrapper -- Opens a stream on a file or URL
php_stream_read -- Read a number of bytes from a stream into a buffer
php_stream_write -- Write a number of bytes from a buffer to a stream
php_stream_eof -- Check for an end-of-file condition on a stream
php_stream_getc -- Read a single byte from a stream
php_stream_gets -- Read a line of data from a stream into a buffer
php_stream_close -- Close a stream
php_stream_flush -- Flush stream buffers to storage
php_stream_seek -- Reposition a stream
php_stream_tell -- Determine the position of a stream
php_stream_copy_to_stream -- Copy data from one stream to another
php_stream_copy_to_mem -- Copy data from stream and into an allocated buffer
php_stream_make_seekable -- Convert a stream into a stream is seekable
php_stream_cast -- Convert a stream into another form, such as a FILE* or socket
php_stream_can_cast -- Determines if a stream can be converted into another form, such as a FILE* or socket
php_stream_is_persistent -- Determines if a stream is a persistent stream
php_stream_is -- Determines if a stream is of a particular type
php_stream_passthru -- Outputs all remaining data from a stream
php_register_url_stream_wrapper -- Registers a wrapper with the Streams API
php_unregister_url_stream_wrapper -- Un-registers a wrapper from the Streams API
php_stream_open_wrapper_ex -- Opens a stream on a file or URL, specifying context
php_stream_open_wrapper_as_file -- Opens a stream on a file or URL, and converts to a FILE*