LXXII. Oracle functions


This extension adds support for Oracle database server access. See also the OCI8 extension.

Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

ORA_BIND_INOUT (integer)

ORA_BIND_IN (integer)

ORA_BIND_OUT (integer)



Table of Contents
Ora_Bind -- bind a PHP variable to an Oracle parameter
Ora_Close -- close an Oracle cursor
Ora_ColumnName -- get name of Oracle result column
Ora_ColumnSize -- get size of Oracle result column
Ora_ColumnType -- get type of Oracle result column
Ora_Commit -- commit an Oracle transaction
Ora_CommitOff -- disable automatic commit
Ora_CommitOn -- enable automatic commit
Ora_Do -- Parse, Exec, Fetch
Ora_Error -- get Oracle error message
Ora_ErrorCode -- get Oracle error code
Ora_Exec -- execute parsed statement on an Oracle cursor
Ora_Fetch_Into -- Fetch a row into the specified result array
Ora_Fetch -- fetch a row of data from a cursor
Ora_GetColumn -- get data from a fetched column
Ora_Logoff -- close an Oracle connection
Ora_Logon -- open an Oracle connection
Ora_Numcols -- Returns the number of columns
Ora_Numrows -- Returns the number of rows
Ora_Open -- open an Oracle cursor
Ora_Parse -- parse an SQL statement
Ora_pLogon --  Open a persistent Oracle connection
Ora_Rollback -- roll back transaction