I. Apache-specific Functions


These functions are only available when running PHP as an Apache 1.x module.


For PHP installation on Apache 1.x see the Apache section in the installation chapter.

Runtime Configuration

The behaviour of the Apache PHP module is affected by settings in php.ini. Configuration settings from php.ini may be overridden by php_flag settings in the server configuration file or local .htaccess files.

Example 1. Turning off PHP parsing for a directory using .htaccess

php_flag engine off

Table 1. Apache configuration options

engineOnPHP_INI_ALLturns PHP parsing on or off
child_terminateOffPHP_INI_ALL specify whether PHP scripts may request child process termination on end of request, see also apache_child_terminate()
last_modifiedOffPHP_INI_ALLsend PHP scripts modification date as Last-Modified: header for this request
xbit_hackOffPHP_INI_ALLparse files with executable bit set as PHP regardless of their file ending

Resource Types

This extension has no resource types defined.

Predefined Constants

This extension has no constants defined.

Table of Contents
apache_child_terminate -- Terminate apache process after this request
apache_lookup_uri --  Perform a partial request for the specified URI and return all info about it
apache_note -- Get and set apache request notes
apache_request_headers -- Fetch all HTTP request headers
apache_response_headers --  Fetch all HTTP response headers
apache_setenv -- Set an Apache subprocess_env variable
ascii2ebcdic -- Translate string from ASCII to EBCDIC
ebcdic2ascii -- Translate string from EBCDIC to ASCII
getallheaders -- Fetch all HTTP request headers
virtual -- Perform an Apache sub-request