(PHP 4 CVS only)

pg_update --  Update table.


long pg_update ( resource connection, string table_name, array condition, array data [, int options])

pg_update() updates records that matches condition with data. If options is specified, pg_convert() is applied to data with specified options.

Example 1. pg_update

    $db = pg_connect ('dbname=foo');
    $data = array('field1'=>'AA', 'field2'=>'BB');
    // This is safe, since $_POST is converted automatically
    $res = pg_update($db, 'post_log', $_POST, $data);
    if ($res) {
        echo "Data is updated: $res\n";
    else {
        echo "User must have sent wrong inputs\n";

Note: This function is experimental.

See also pg_convert()